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    We are here for you

    We promise to do our absolute best to help you,
    even if it means an extra cup of tea.

    We are here for you

    We promise to do our absolute best to help you, even if it means an extra cup of tea.

    No matter your question, our friendly team will help provide you with the answer

      Get answers to the questions you might have

      We promise to do our absolute best to help you,
      even if it means an extra cup of tea.

      IT Procurement

      We’ll identify, procure and supply your full range of IT and communication services, systems and solutions. IT procurement is about much more than just finding the lowest cost option. We are interested in your long term success and security and will balance cost against quality.
      Procurement is not just about purchasing. It is important to get the hardware and software configured and delivered as soon as possible, so there are no unnecessary delays to the deployment schedule. Our procurement eliminates the need for you to manage the complexity of multiple vendors and supply chains. By consolidating your IT procurement though a single source, you can be assured of a quality service dedicated to account management and cost savings.

      Network Design & Support

      Whether a new office or renovating an existing office space we are able to design implement and support the infrastructure to fit your needs a suit your future needs. Creating a flexible work space that suits your business needs.

      Backup and Disaster Recovery

      Disaster recovery focuses on the IT systems that help support critical business functions. The term business continuity is often associated with disaster recovery, but the two terms are not completely interchangeable. Disaster recovery is a part of business continuity, which focuses more on keeping all aspects of a business running despite the disaster. IT systems these days are so critical to the success of the business, disaster recovery is therefore a main pillar in the business continuity process. As technology plays more of a vital role in our organisations, uptime becomes more important. 

      Security Services

      Cyber Essentials is a certification scheme backed by the Government to reduce cyber vulnerability throughout the supply chain. When implemented correctly, the security controls outlined should prevent 80% of cyber-attacks. Launched in 2014 by the National Cyber Security Centre, the Cyber Essentials scheme highlights the five basic cyber security controls that all businesses should be implementing.

      IT Support & Helpdesk

      We’ll be your IT department. We can provide everything your business needs to keep its IT infrastructure running smoothly – whether it’s just another day at the office or a major data disaster has struck.
      Onsite IT support can be an important part of Managed IT Support services. Nowadays most issues that are raised by clients can be resolved remotely, however, some may require an onsite presence.
      And Just like an IT department our support is completely unlimited no matter how many times you call.

      Office 365 & Cloud Services

      We utilise the cloud and simplify it to fit your business needs. The cloud allows small businesses to have enterprise level IT without the costs that are associated with it. Allowing your infrastructure to scale up and down as required creates greater flexibility and allows for increased functionality. As a Microsoft silver partner we have expertise in a range of cloud services to improve your business functions.